@ 7 p.m.
Romans Twelve Eleven
"maintain the GLOW - be on fire with the Spirit."
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THANKS for checking us out!  We invite you to take a look around and hope that you'll visit us on a Sunday for GLOW LIVE.  I promise it will shatter the stereotype that church is boring.  There's games, music, videos, and relevant teaching from God's Word...this is a powerful and engaging church experience you'll definitely want to be apart of!  We've designed our gathering with you in mind, so whether you know God personally or are just interested in checking God out, this is for you.

I promise you we are real...real students, facing everyday real problems who are learning to grow in the Word and be who God has called us to be. Students who are learning to live happy, fun, victorious lives as teenagers in this social media driven world without comprimising who we are  in God.  We hope that you will check us out!
Sunday's at 11:30am